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Extensive testing of Schottky CdTe detectors for the ECLAIRs X-Gamma-ray Camera on board the SVOM mission

  title={Extensive testing of Schottky CdTe detectors for the ECLAIRs X-Gamma-ray Camera on board the SVOM mission},
  author={Remoue Nadege and Barret Didier and Godet Olivier and M Pierre},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics},
We report on an on-going test campaign of more than 5000 Schottky CdTe detectors (4x4x1 mm^3), over a sample of twelve thousands, provided by Acrorad Co., Ltd (Japan). 6400 of these detectors will be used to build the detection plane of the ECLAIRs camera on the Chinese-French gamma-ray burst mission SVOM. These tests are mandatory to fulfill the prime requirement of ECLAIRs to detect gamma-ray burst photons down to 4 keV. The detectors will be operated at -20C under a reverse bias of 600 V. We… 
The use of Schottky CdTe detectors for high-energy astronomy: application to the detection plane of the instrument SVOM/ECLAIRs
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We present ECLAIRs, the Gamma-ray burst (GRB) trigger camera to fly on-board the Chinese-French mission SVOM. ECLAIRs is a wide-field (~ 2 sr) coded mask camera with a mask transparency of 40% and a
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Two pixellated application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) bump bonded to 1 mm thick Cadmium Telluride sensors were characterised and compared for the purpose of application in a combined energy


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