[Extensive psychological study in managing patients with asthma].


Extensive psychological investigation was proposed to 20 adults hospitalized in an emergency setting for severe acute asthma. The investigations demonstrated the various personality organizations in these patients and the complexity of external and internal factors participating in triggering asthma which then constitutes a supplementary element the patients must deal with. The data collected were divided into a small number of basic categories according to the nature of the spontaneous relationship, the quality of the mental functions or the overall psychosomatic economy, yielding prognostic value and information to formulate and adjust management decisions.

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@article{Pheulpin1996ExtensivePS, title={[Extensive psychological study in managing patients with asthma].}, author={M C Pheulpin}, journal={Revue de pneumologie clinique}, year={1996}, volume={52 4}, pages={235-42} }