Extensions of Pontryagin duality

  title={Extensions of Pontryagin duality},
  author={R. Venkataraman},
  journal={Mathematische Zeitschrift},
Coproduct in the category of groups satisfying Pontryagin duality
Although coproducts exist in the category of topological abelian groups, the coproduct topology is not in general the asterisk topology. However in the subcategory of topological groups satisfyingExpand
Interval of group topologies satisfying Pontryagin duality
Hewitt [2] proved that the only locally compact group topology on the additive group 1R of real numbers strictly finer than the usual topology is the discrete topology. Suppose instead we ask theExpand
Characterization, structure and analysis on abelian ℒ∞ groups
An abelian topological group is an ℒ∞ group if and only if it is a locally σ-compactk-space and every compact subset in it is contained in a compactly generated locally compact subgroup. EveryExpand
Generalised Kawada–Satake method for Mackey functors in class field theory
We propose and study a generalised Kawada–Satake method for Mackey functors in the class field theory of positive characteristic. The root of this method is in the use of explicit pairings, such asExpand
On reflexivity and the Ascoli property for free locally convex spaces
Let $L(X)$ be the free locally convex space over a Tychonoff space $X$. If $X$ is Dieudonn\'{e} complete (for example, metrizable), then $L(X)$ is a reflexive group if and only if $X$ is discrete.Expand
Characteristic Functionals of Probabilistic Measures in DS-Groups and Related Topics
This monograph is devoted to some problems of the theory of probabilistic distributions in topological Abelian groups with sufficiently abundant dual groups.
A survey on reflexivity of abelian topological groups
The Pontryagin duality theorem for locally compact abelian groups (briefly, LCA groups) has been the starting point for many different routes of research in Mathematics. From its appearance there wasExpand
Pontryagin duality for Abelian s- and sb-groups ✩
The main goal of the article is to study the Pontryagin duality for Abelian sand sb-groups. Let G be an infinite Abelian group and X be the dual group of the discrete group Gd. We show that a denseExpand
Pontryagin duality in the class of precompact Abelian groups and the Baire property
We present a wide class of reflexive, precompact, non-compact, Abelian topological groups G determined by three requirements. They must have the Baire property, satisfy the open refinement condition,Expand
Precompact noncompact reflexive Abelian groups
Abstract. We study Pontryagin reflexivity in the class of precompact topological Abelian groups. We find reflexive groups among precompact not pseudocompact and among pseudocompact not compactExpand


$k$-groups and duality
Recall that a function is Ac-continuous if its restriction to each compact subset of its domain is continuous. We call a topological group G a Ac-group if each ¿-continuous homomorphism on G isExpand
Dualität lokalkompakter Gruppen
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