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Extension categories and their homotopy

  title={Extension categories and their homotopy},
  author={Amnon Neeman and Vladimir Retakh},
  journal={Compositio Mathematica},
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Homological Epimorphisms and the Lie Bracket in Hochschild Cohomology

In 2009, Koenig–Nagase established a long exact sequence relating the Hochschild cohomology of an algebra with the Hochschild cohomology of the quotient of the algebra by a stratifying ideal. It is

The Fundamental Group of a Morphism in a Triangulated Category

We introduce the fundamental group of a morphism in a triangulated category and show that the groupoid of distinguished triangles containing a given extension of objects from an abelian category is

Graded Lie structure on cohomology of some exact monoidal categories

For some exact monoidal categories, we describe explicitly a connection between topological and algebraic definitions of the Lie bracket on the extension algebra of the unit object. The topological


Let X be a principal homogeneous space, or torsor, under an abelian variety A over a field k. Following Lang and Tate [12], one classically associates with X two integers that give a measure of the

Brackets and products from centres in extension categories

Building on Retakh’s approach to Ext groups through categories of extensions, Schwede reobtained the well-known Gerstenhaber algebra structure on Ext groups over bimodules of associative algebras

Homotopical structures in categories

In this paper is presented a new approach to the axiomatic homotopy theory in categories, which offers a simpler and more useful answer to this old question: how two objects in a category (without

Monoidal Categories and the Gerstenhaber Bracket in Hochschild Cohomology

Let A be an associative and unital algebra over a commutative ring K, such that A is K-projective. The Hochschild cohomology ring HH*(A) of A is, as a graded algebra, isomorphic to the Ext-algebra of

Hochschild Cohomology in Algebra, Geometry, and Topology Table of Contents

In 1945 Gerhard Hochschild published On the cohomology groups of an associative algebra in the Annals of Mathematics and thereby created what is now called Hochschild theory. In 1963, Murray

Graded-commutativity of the Yoneda product of Hopf bimodules.

We prove that the Yoneda product for Hopf bimodule extensions is gradedcommutative and we give a candidate for a graded Lie bracket on the cohomology of Hopf algebras defined by Gerstenhaber and



Analyse et topologie sur les espaces singuliers

These volums contain s th e notes o f th e Lumin y conference : Analyse et topologie sur le s espace s singuliers . The lecture s are centere d aroun d th e following theme s : Perverse sheaves ,

Function complexes in homotopical algebra


The algebraic K–theory of spaces is a variant, invented by F. Waldhausen in the late 1970’s, of the standard algebraic K–theory of rings. Until that time, applications of algebraic K–theory to

Higher Algebraic K-Theory of Schemes and of Derived Categories

In this paper we prove a localization theorem for the K-theory of commutative rings and of schemes, Theorem 7.4, relating the K-groups of a scheme, of an open subscheme, and of the category of those

Stable homotopy as a triangulated functor

Let J-I be the homotopy category of all finite spectra, ~the homotopy category of all spectra and Y--[ 89 be the homotopy category of all prime-to-2 spectra. Let H: ~--y ~ (Abelian groups) be a


A solution is given to the problem of describing a triangulated category generated by a finite number of objects. It requires the notion of "enhancement" of a triangulated category, by means of the

Torsion products as homotopy groups

Stable homotopy and generalised homology

Preface Pt. I: S.P. Novikov's Work on Operations on Complex Cobordism 2: Cobordism groups 3: Homology 4: The Conner-Floyd Chern classes 5: The Novikov operations 6: The algebra of all operations 7:

Homotopic properties of categories of extensions