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Extending the Storage Capacity And Noise Reduction of a Faster QR-Code

  title={Extending the Storage Capacity And Noise Reduction of a Faster QR-Code},
  author={Kishor Datta Gupta and Md. Manjurul Ahsan and Stefan Andrei},
Quick Response Code has been widely used in the automatic identification fields (Liu, Ju, & Mingjun, 2008). The present work illustrates an image processing system able to discover, split and decodes the most common 2D symbol used in bar code applications. The different symbol is processed by manipulating their similarities, to achieve an integrated computational structure (Ouaviani, Pavan, Bottazzi, Brunelli, Caselli, & Guerrero, 1999). There is not enough novel approach which could be… 
Improving Performance of the Multiplexed Colored QR Codes
Comparative experiments with the classical multiplexing technique -MUX system- proved that FMT has a much better performance, (exponentially faster), while maintaining the capacity multitude to 24 folds that of the classical QR code.
A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Regenerate Image from a Reduce Scaled Image Using Bit Data Count
This paper described a genetic algorithm approach to recover lost bits while image resized to the smaller version using the original image data bit counts which are stored while the image is scaled.
Face Recognition in an Unconstrained and Real-Time Environment Using Novel BMC-LBPH Methods Incorporates with DJI Vision Sensor
The experimental results showed that the proposed BMC-LBPH FR techniques outperformed the traditional LBPH methods by achieving the accuracy of 65, 98%, and 78% in 5_celebrity dataset, LU dataset, and rainy weather, respectively, and the proposed method provides a promising solution for facial recognition using UAV.
Resolution Enhancement of Electron Microscopic Volume by Volume Restoration Technique
A novel technique to estimate the volume degradation function of the volume reconstruction system from the noise-only subvolumes of the observed EM volume and the volume is restored using a combination of regularized Richardson-Lucy and Wiener Deconvolution techniques.


Recognition of QR Code with mobile phones
An image processing system based on mobile is described to be able to binarize, locate, segment, and decode the QR Code, and experimental results indicate that these algorithms are robust to real world scene image.
A theory of color barcodes
  • H. Bagherinia, R. Manduchi
  • Computer Science
    2011 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCV Workshops)
  • 2011
This paper proposes a new approach to color barcode decoding, one that does not require a reference color palette and enables substantial information rate increase with respect to system that display a color palette, at a very low decoding error rate.
Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision
  • B. Wrobel
  • Computer Science
    Künstliche Intell.
  • 2001
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image processing framework for 2D barcode reading.",pp
  • arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.06447
  • 2017
Cuza University of Iasi, and PhD in Computer Science (2000) from Hamburg University. He was awarded with four competitive scholarships
  • 2000