Extending the NegEx Lexicon for Multiple Languages

  title={Extending the NegEx Lexicon for Multiple Languages},
  author={Wendy W. Chapman and Dieter Hillert and Sumithra Velupillai and Maria Kvist and Maria Skeppstedt and Brian E. Chapman and Mike Conway and Melissa Tharp and Danielle L. Mowery and Louise Del{\'e}ger},
  journal={Studies in health technology and informatics},
We translated an existing English negation lexicon (NegEx) to Swedish, French, and German and compared the lexicon on corpora from each language. We observed Zipf's law for all languages, i.e., a few phrases occur a large number of times, and a large number of phrases occur fewer times. Negation triggers "no" and "not" were common for all languages; however, other triggers varied considerably. The lexicon is available in OWL and RDF format and can be extended to other languages. We discuss the… CONTINUE READING
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