Extending the Broadcast: Streaming Culture and the Problems of Digital Geographies

  title={Extending the Broadcast: Streaming Culture and the Problems of Digital Geographies},
  author={Benjamin Burroughs and Adam Rugg},
  journal={Journal of Broadcasting \& Electronic Media},
  pages={365 - 380}
This article examines the recent move by many television sports broadcasters of streaming their content online behind geographically restricted “geofences.” Despite the increasing use of this distribution method, we argue that Internet users are increasingly bypassing geofences that center sports consumption within a nationalized television broadcasting framework through the use of VPN (virtual private network) technologies. Importantly, the geographic fluidity of the Internet often allows… 

A cultural lineage of streaming

A cultural lineage of streaming technology, moments of streams and counterstreams in the history of radio, video and internet broadcasting is traced, with particular attention paid to moments of rupture and negotiation within the control of media and media industries.

Negotiating State and Copyright Territorialities in Overseas Expansion: The Case of China’s Online Video Streaming Platforms

This article uses China’s online streaming platforms as a typical case of the overseas expansion of digital entertainment media. It begins with an overview of the evolution of the online video

OTT Media Streaming in COVID-19 Lockdown: The Indian Experience

Covid-19 has immensely impacted every walks of life worldwide, including in India. Various dimensions like the socio-economic, employment, consumers’ media consumption habits, and the like have been

Death of a king: digital ritual and diaspora

In an age of social networking, transnational diasporic communities are actively participating in the flow of new media and technology, becoming increasingly interconnected and in closer cultural

The Internet of Futures Past: Values Trajectories of Networking Protocol Projects

If the future Internet is to promote positive sociotechnical relationships, its architects must recognize that complex social and political decisions pervade each step of technical work and do more to honor this fact.

House of Netflix: Streaming media and digital lore

ABSTRACT This article focuses on the emergence of a nascent streaming industry. The media industry studies conceptualization of “industry lore” can be read during times of transition for media

Copyright issues related to reproduction rights arising from streaming

  • Meng-Ru Liang
  • Computer Science, Law
    The Journal of World Intellectual Property
  • 2020
The article analyses the reproduction act of streaming platform users under the UK and European Union approaches and examines Article 5(1) of the Information Society Directive in the context of streaming.

Practices of Media Sport: Everyday Experience and Audience Innovation

Media sport has a long history as a significant site of media innovation, and existing work in media and cultural studies has explored how media sport, technological innovation and regulatory

Media Sport: Practice, Culture and Innovation

This article introduces the special issue on Media Sport: Practice, Culture and Innovation, and outlines the overall objectives and focus of the eight collected essays. The tripartite of ‘practice,



On Location: Canada's Television Industry in a Global Market (review)

o read many popular accounts of globalization, it might be easy to conclude, as far as the media are concerned, that the institution of the nation-state has become obsolete. For good or ill,

On Location: Canada's Television Industry in a Global Market

Film and television production are important components of the Canadian economy. In Vancouver, popular American television series like The X-Files and Canadian series like Da Vinci's Inquest have

Reconfiguring media sport for the online world : an inquiry into "sports news and digital media"

This article examines a pioneering intervention by government in the control and ownership of media sport under prevailing networked digital media conditions. The 2009 Australian Senate Inquiry into

The institutionalization of YouTube: From user-generated content to professionally generated content

This article explores the institutionalization of YouTube: its transformation from user-generated content (UGC) – oriented as a virtual village – into a professionally generated content (PGC) video

"The Front Row Is Reserved for Scotch Drinkers": Early Television's Tavern Audience

The early history of television viewing in the United States is generally examined in relation to certain postwar trends: the housing boom, suburbanization, growing consumption, increased leisure

Sport Beyond Television: The Internet, Digital Media and the Rise of Networked Media Sport

1. Introduction: Fishing for Eyeballs 2. Television and the Internet 3. Networked Media Sport 4. Blogging, Social Networking Sites and Information Accidents 5. Online Crowds and Fandom 6. Sports

Public Space, Urban Space and Electronic Space: Would the Real City Please Stand Up?

Commentary around the electronic media has raised issues of political action, community formation and changing identities. This paper explores how the notions of 'public space' can inform this debate

On the re-materialization of the virtual

There is a re-materialization of the virtual now taking place especially on the meta-level of the system, which means cognitive as well as material divisions within the new economy.

Global Nomads' Network and Mobile Sociality: Exploring New Media Uses on the Move

It is argued that network relationships are reshaped and mobilized through reconfigurations of co-presence, proximity and distance in relation to the use of new media, and can provide a useful insight into the emerging social model of the network and mobile society.

Sports on Traditional and Newer Digital Media

In this essay, we examine a series of platform, content, reception, and lifestyle factors likely to shape sports fans’ use of traditional and newer digital media. Because of signal fidelity, screen