Extending H5P Branching Scenario with 360° scenes and xAPI capabilities: A case study in a local networks course

  title={Extending H5P Branching Scenario with 360° scenes and xAPI capabilities: A case study in a local networks course},
  author={David Romero Santos and Carlos Cordon and Manuel Palomo-duarte},
  journal={2019 International Symposium on Computers in Education (SIIE)},
The technological improvements of recent years made possible to give a boost to immersive technologies such as virtual or augmented reality. This impulse has lowered costs, making it possible for anyone to create content in 360 degrees. In education, this allows the student to be easily placed in contexts where otherwise a large number of resources would be needed. There are currently many applications for the creation of interactive activities, but few totally free and even less with the… 

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