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Extended real Clifford - Dirac algebra and bosonic symmetries of the Dirac equation with nonzero mass

  title={Extended real Clifford - Dirac algebra and bosonic symmetries of the Dirac equation with nonzero mass},
  author={Volodimir Simulik and Ivan Yu. Krivsky},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
The 64-dimensional extended real Clifford - Dirac (ERCD) algebra is introduced. On this basis the new pure matrix symmetries of the Dirac equation in Foldy - Wouthuysen representation are found: (i) the 32-dimensional A32 algebra, which is proved to be maximal pure matrix symmetry of this equation, (ii) two different realizations of the (1/2, 0)+(0, 1/2) representation of the S(1,3) algebra, (iii) reducible tensor-scalar (1, 0)+(0, 0) and irreducible vector (1/2,1/2) bosonic S(1,3)-symmetries… 
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