Extended Search for the Invisible Axion with the Axion Dark Matter Experiment.

  title={Extended Search for the Invisible Axion with the Axion Dark Matter Experiment.},
  author={T. Braine and R. Cervantes and N. Crisosto and N. Du and S. Kimes and L. Rosenberg and G. Rybka and J. Yang and D. Bowring and A. S. Chou and R. Khatiwada and A. Sonnenschein and W. Wester and G. Carosi and N. Woollett and L. Duffy and R. Bradley and C. Boutan and M. Jones and B. Laroque and N. Oblath and M. S. Taubman and J. Clarke and A. Dove and A. Eddins and S. O’Kelley and S. Nawaz and I. Siddiqi and N. Stevenson and A. Agrawal and A. Dixit and J. Gleason and S. Jois and P. Sikivie and J. A. Solomon and N. S. Sullivan and D. Tanner and E. Lentz and E. Daw and J. Buckley and P. M. Harrington and E. Henriksen and K. Murch},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={124 10},
  • T. Braine, R. Cervantes, +40 authors K. Murch
  • Published 2020
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • This Letter reports on a cavity haloscope search for dark matter axions in the Galactic halo in the mass range 2.81-3.31  μeV. This search utilizes the combination of a low-noise Josephson parametric amplifier and a large-cavity haloscope to achieve unprecedented sensitivity across this mass range. This search excludes the full range of axion-photon coupling values predicted in benchmark models of the invisible axion that solve the strong CP problem of quantum chromodynamics. 
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