Extended Red Emission in High Galactic Latitude Interstellar Clouds

  title={Extended Red Emission in High Galactic Latitude Interstellar Clouds},
  author={Adolf N. Witt and S. Mandel and Paul H. Sell and T W Dixon and Universtity of Toledo and Hidden Valley Observatory and University of Wisconsin and University of Hawai'i},
  • Adolf N. Witt, S. Mandel, +5 authors University of Hawai'i
  • Published 2008
  • Physics
  • We report initial results from an optical imaging survey of optically thin high Galactic latitude clouds, which is designed to study the surface brightness, structure, and spectral energy distribution of these objects. The primary aim of this paper is to study the extended red emission (ERE) that has been reported at high Galactic latitudes in earlier investigations and which is attributed to ultraviolet-excited photoluminescence of an as yet unidentified component of interstellar dust. We… CONTINUE READING

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