Extended Noise-shaping in Cascaded N-tone Σ ∆ Converters

  title={Extended Noise-shaping in Cascaded N-tone Σ ∆ Converters},
  author={Shubha Bommalingaiahnapallya and Raghavendra Bommalingaiahnapallya and R. Harjani},
An N-tone Σ∆ converter is obtained by introducing N zeros in the noise transfer function (NTF) while maintaining a flat signal transfer function (STF). N-tone Σ∆ converters are particularly well suited for multi-carrier systems. While oversampling is a widely used technique to improve the resolution of the converter, different methods will have to be explored for systems with low over-sampling. Even though, the achievable resolution is limited by the number of bits per Nyquist sample, using… CONTINUE READING