Extended MRI-Cube Algorithm for Mining Multi-Relational Patterns


Association rule mining is one of the most important and basic technique in data mining, which has been studied extensively and has a wide range of applications. Two stream of previous work has dealt with the discovery of association rules over multiple relations: prolog databases and datalog queries. The MRI Iceberg-cubes mining method introduces a new perspective. However, it does not take the cyclic join paths into account, therefore, in this paper, we will introduce an algorithm, Extended-MRI-cube, which is based on the MRI-Cube algorithm, to handle the cyclic join path situation. Experiments show it is more applicable and effective than the previous one.

DOI: 10.1109/ICYCS.2008.165

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@article{Liang2008ExtendedMA, title={Extended MRI-Cube Algorithm for Mining Multi-Relational Patterns}, author={Bao Liang and Xiaoguang Hong and Lei Zhang and Shuai Li}, journal={2008 The 9th International Conference for Young Computer Scientists}, year={2008}, pages={1132-1136} }