Extended Kerr effect of polymer-stabilized blue-phase liquid crystals

  title={Extended Kerr effect of polymer-stabilized blue-phase liquid crystals},
  author={Jin Yan and Hui-Chuan Cheng and Sebastian Gauza and Yan Li and Meizi Jiao and L. Dasaradha Rao and Shin-Tson Wua},
Electric-field-induced birefringence of a polymer-stabilized blue-phase liquid crystal BPLC is investigated. In the low field region, conventional Kerr effect holds. As the electric field increases, the induced birefringence gradually saturates and deviates from Kerr effect. An exponential convergence model, called extended Kerr effect, is proposed to fit the experimental data. Good agreement between experiment and model is obtained. This extended Kerr effect will make a significant impact to… CONTINUE READING
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