Extended Dormancy of Deciduous Woody Plants treated in Autumn with Gibberellic Acid

  title={Extended Dormancy of Deciduous Woody Plants treated in Autumn with Gibberellic Acid},
  author={P. W. Brian and Jno. H. Petty and P. T. Richmond},
WEAVER1 has shown that autumnal application of gibberellin prolongs dormancy of Vitis vinifera shoots in the following spring. We2 recently reported that application of gibberellic acid in late summer and autumn delayed leaf-fall of several woody species; further observations on these plants this spring have shown that in many of them dormancy was prolonged. Thus this unexpected response to gibberellins may not be uncommon. 
Gibberellic acid-induced prolongation of the dormancy in tubers or rhizomes of several species of East Asian Dioscorea
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A. New Amino Acid in Watermelon Juice
西瓜果汁(品種旭大和) 301 (原料55kg)よりイオン交換クロマト法(ダイヤイオンBK及びAmberlite XE 98)及びセルローズカラムクロマト法によって80mgの一新アミノ酸を単離し物理的,化学的性質よりヒスチジンの核異性体α-amino-β[1-imidazolyl]-propionic acidである事を推定した.