Extended Debye model for molecular magnets

  title={Extended Debye model for molecular magnets},
  author={Dmitry A. Garanin},
  journal={Physical Review B},
  • D. Garanin
  • Published 7 April 2008
  • Physics
  • Physical Review B
Heat-capacity data on ${\text{Mn}}_{12}$ are fitted within the extended Debye model that takes into account a continuum of optical modes as well as three different speeds of sound. 
Dipolar ordering and quantum dynamics of domain walls inMn12acetate
We find that dipolar interactions favor ferromagnetic ordering of elongated crystals of Mn12 Acetate below 0.8 K. Ordered crystals must possess domain walls. Motion of the wall corresponds to a
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Esta tesis aborda dos amplias ramas de investigacion del magnetismo molecular: imanes quirales y supraestructuras de Single Molecule Magnets (SMMs). En la primera parte de la tesis se puede encontrar