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Extended Bound states In the Continuum for ultraheavy photons in photonic lattice

  title={Extended Bound states In the Continuum for ultraheavy photons in photonic lattice},
  author={N.D.Le and F.Dubois and X.Letartre and P.Viktorovitch and H.S.Nguyen},
Here we report on the dispersion engineering of both real and imaginary parts of photonic resonances in photonic crystal via vertical symmetry breaking. Breaking the vertical mirror symmetry of a photonic crystal slab induces a coupling between two leaky resonances of opposite parities. Such hybridization acts on both the real part (i.e. frequency) and the imaginary part (i.e. radiative loss) of Bloch resonances and offers a tailoring of photonic effective mass and creation of Bound states In… 

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