ExtRange: Continuous Moving Range Queries in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networks

  title={ExtRange: Continuous Moving Range Queries in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networks},
  author={Tai T. Do and Kien A. Hua and Chow-Sing Lin},
  journal={2009 Tenth International Conference on Mobile Data Management: Systems, Services and Middleware},
We consider the problem of supporting continuous spatial queries in a new and challenging network environment, namely a Mobile Peer-To-Peer (MP2P) network. Specifically, we propose a distributed technique, called ExtRange, that can efficiently answer continuous moving range queries in a MP2P network. The two key ideas in ExtRange are extended range and safe period. For each query, ExtRange extends the query monitoring region beyond the query range to ensure the accuracy of the query result… CONTINUE READING


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