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Expressive Querying over Fuzzy DL-Lite Ontologies

  title={Expressive Querying over Fuzzy DL-Lite Ontologies},
  author={J. Pan and G. Stamou and G. Stoilos and E. Thomas},
  booktitle={Description Logics},
  • J. Pan, G. Stamou, +1 author E. Thomas
  • Published in Description Logics 2007
  • Computer Science
  • Fuzzy Description Logics (f-DLs) have been proposed as formalisms capable of capturing and reasoning about imprecise and vague knowledge. The last years, research in Description Logics, and also in fDLs, is largely focused on the development of languages where complexity of query answering is as efficient as query answering in data bases. One such example is the DL-Lite language and its fuzzy extension f-DL-Lite. In the current paper we present various a variety of query languages by which we… CONTINUE READING
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