Expressive Description Logics: Foundations for Practical Applications


Acknowledgments First of all I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Bernd Neumann. His encouraging comments and enthusiasm over the years shaped the whole work discussed in this monograph. Always emphasizing the importance of applications to demonstrate the adequacy of theoretical work, he suggested to particularly consider real-world problems. Thus, it is also thanks to him that the description logic system RACE can deal with hard inference problems encountered in real-world applications. We had many interesting discussions during our research on deductive information systems. I also thank Bernd Neumann for valuable comments on a draft of this monograph. For additional reviews of this monograph I thank Prof. I am also particularly grateful to my colleague Dr. Volker Haarslev. Together we have been discussing the topics on description logic systems for the last three years. Many times we have been investigating new optimization strategies, which turned out to effective but were hard to implement. Many long discussions with Volker Haarslev lead to the development of formal proofs of the algorithms implemented in the description logic system RACE such that the application-oriented work of this thesis is complemented with theoretical results. Furthermore, I would like to thank my colleague Michael Wessel for the years of exciting research we did together in the area of description logics, spatial reasoning and default reasoning. I also thank Michael Wessel for valuable comments on the final draft of this Habilitation Thesis. Anni-Yasmin Turhan contributed to the development of the RACE system by testing it and writing the documentation. Thanks also for careful comments on a draft version of this monograph. For discussions and collaboration in the context of description logic reasoning and reasoning about topological relations I am indebted to Carsten Lutz (now at LuFG Theoretische Informatik at the University of Aachen). With his theoretical knowledge he immensely contributed to various decidability and undecidability results in the area of combined terminological and topological reasoning. Thanks also to other members of the LuFG Theoretische Informatik in Aachen for their detailed comments on papers covering particular theoretical topics summarized in this work.ticular Carsten Schröder, and all members of the BAND project team from Lavielle GmbH and from the LKI, namely Rainer Joswig, Kay Hidde and Thomas Mantay, contributed to the results reported here. Many thanks to all of them. Last but not least many thanks also to my diploma students They all provided small pieces of the mosaic …

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