Expression profiling of autophagy associated genes in placentas of preeclampsia.

  title={Expression profiling of autophagy associated genes in placentas of preeclampsia.},
  author={Debra S Goldman-Wohl and T Cesla and Yoav Smith and Caryn Greenfield and Ralf Dechend and Anne Cathrine Staff and Meryam Sugulle and Mina Susanne Weedon-Fekj{\ae}r and Guro M\ork Johnsen and Simcha Yagel and Ronit Haimov-Kochman},
  volume={34 10},
Autophagy, a mechanism of cell survival during times of stress, may be active in normal placental maintenance, cushioning the fetus from strain during fluctuations in nutrient availability. Moreover, in cases of placental insufficiency, often present in preeclampsia, autophagy may be defective. We used published microarray datasets to analyze differential expression of autophagy pathway genes. No statistically significant difference in autophagy associated gene expression was found in… CONTINUE READING