Expression profiling and subtype-specific expression of stomach cancer.

  title={Expression profiling and subtype-specific expression of stomach cancer.},
  author={Byungsik Kim and Seunghyun Bang and Seungkoo Lee and Soonok Kim and Yusun Jung and Changhee Lee and Kyungho Choi and Seong-Gene Lee and Kiwhan Lee and Yongsung Lee and Sang-Soo Kim and Y Yeom and Yong-Sung Kim and H Yoo and Kyuyoung Song and Inchul Lee},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={63 23},
The expression profiling and molecular grouping of stomach cancers has been a challenging task because of their complexity and variation. We have analyzed gene expression profiles of 22 gastric cancer/nontumor mucosa couples using 14K cDNA microarray chips designed for gastric cancer analysis. Upon pairwise analysis of the individual couples at the false significance rate 0.91%, 79 and 398 genes were reported to be up-regulated and down-regulated in tumors, respectively. Tumors were clustered… CONTINUE READING