Expression profiling: toward an application in sepsis diagnostics.

  title={Expression profiling: toward an application in sepsis diagnostics.},
  author={Miroslav Průcha and Andriy Ruryk and Hinnerk Boriss and Eva M{\"o}ller and Roman Zazula and Ivan Herold and Ralf Alexander Claus and Konrad A Reinhart and Peter Deigner and Stefan Russwurm},
  volume={22 1},
Sepsis is a common and serious health problem whereby improvements in diagnosis are crucial in increasing survival rates. To test whether profiling transcription is applicable to sepsis diagnosis, we analyzed whole blood using a microarray containing probes for 340 genes relevant to inflammation. The patient's gene expression pattern was highly homogenous, resulting in 69% of differentially expressed genes. With a positive predictive value of 98%, a list of 50 differentially expressed genes was… CONTINUE READING