Expression profile of mRNAs from human pancreatic islet tumors.

  title={Expression profile of mRNAs from human pancreatic islet tumors.},
  author={L Jin and Hua Wang and Takanori Narita and Reiko F. Kikuno and Osamu Ohara and Nobuyuki Shihara and Tatsuto Nishigori and Yukio Horikawa and Jun Takeda},
  journal={Journal of molecular endocrinology},
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In order to understand the tIssue specificity of the endocrine pancreas, it is important to clarify the expression profile of mRNAs in various states of the tIssue. A total of approximately 9000 non-redundant expressed genes from human pancreatic islets and insulinoma have so far been determined as expressed sequence tags (ESTs) and deposited in public… CONTINUE READING