Expression of vanilloid receptor 1 in cultured fibroblast.

  title={Expression of vanilloid receptor 1 in cultured fibroblast.},
  author={S M Kim and Su-A Lee and Sook Jung Yun and J Kim and Jong Seong Park and Han-Seong Jeong and J Lee and Seong-Joon Moon and Young-Ho Won},
  journal={Experimental dermatology},
  volume={15 5},
Although the vanilloid receptor 1 (VR1) was originally discovered on primary sensory neurons, its broad tissue expression in non-neuronal cells has been reported on. Recently, VR1 expression was clearly demonstrated in a variety of cutaneous components, such as keratinocytes, glandular epithelium, mast cells and sebocytes, except for melanocytes and fibroblasts. However, we demonstrated the VR1 expression in the cultured human skin fibroblasts as follows. Previously cloned human VR1 primers… CONTINUE READING


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