Expression of the fragile-X in the "premutated"/"non-imprinted" state.

  title={Expression of the fragile-X in the "premutated"/"non-imprinted" state.},
  author={R Bilas and Dagmar Wilhelm and Eberhard Schwinger and Albert E. Chudley and Jean Pierre Fryns and Patricia N. Howard-Peebles and Albert A G L Schinzel and B. H. van Roy and Tessa Webb},
  journal={Genetic counseling},
  volume={3 4},
Data about the expression of the fragile site at Xq27.3 from 74 daughters of normal transmitting males (NTMs) were collected from 7 different genetic centers. The majority (85.1%) of these obligate female carriers did not show any cytogenetic expression of fra-X. The remaining 14.9% of these females had frequencies below 3%. In cases with a frequency below… CONTINUE READING