Expression of the Xenopus GTP-binding protein gene Ran during embryogenesis

  title={Expression of the Xenopus GTP-binding protein gene Ran during embryogenesis},
  author={Yasuko Onuma and Reiko Nishihara and Satori Takahashi and Kousuke Tanegashima and Aya Fukui and Makoto Asashima},
  journal={Development Genes and Evolution},
The Ran gene family encodes small GTP binding proteins that are associated with a variety of nuclear processes. We isolated a Xenopus Ran cDNA and analyzed the pattern of expression of this gene during embryogenesis. Ran is expressed maternally and later in the CNS, neural crest, mesenchyme, eyes, and otic vesicles. However, expression is not detected in the somites or the notochord. 
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