Expression of serum Dickkopf-1 in gastric cancer patients.

  title={Expression of serum Dickkopf-1 in gastric cancer patients.},
  author={Gui-Feng Zhuang and Yan Tan and Jun-tao Zeng and Jie-Wei Zhang and Jing Tang and Shi-Ping Zeng and Xi Qin},
  journal={Asian Pacific journal of tropical medicine},
  volume={8 10},
OBJECTIVE To explore the expression and clinical significance of DKK-1 protein in patients with gastric cancers. METHODS Enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay was used to detect expressions of serum DKK-1 protein in 90 cases of gastric cancers, 50 cases of gastric benign disease and 40 healthy cases. The dynamic change in serum DKK-1 protein of gastric cancer patients who accepted radical operation for a month was also observed. RESULTS The expression of serum DKK-1 protein in gastric cancer… CONTINUE READING