Expression of red cell surface antigens during erythropoiesis.

  title={Expression of red cell surface antigens during erythropoiesis.},
  author={Geoff L Daniels and Carole Green},
  journal={Vox sanguinis},
  volume={78 Suppl 2},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES We have analysed the appearance and disappearance of cell surface markers during erythropoiesis, in vitro. MATERIALS AND METHODS CD34+ haemopoietic progenitor cells were isolated from umbilical cord blood and cultured by three different methods, all in the presence of erythropoietin. The methods included two one-stage techniques, one serum-free, the other with serum present, and one serum-present two-stage method. RESULTS The appearance of cell surface markers on… CONTINUE READING

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