Expression of pannexin isoforms in the systemic murine arterial network.

  title={Expression of pannexin isoforms in the systemic murine arterial network.},
  author={Alexander W. Lohman and Marie Billaud and Adam C. Straub and Scott Johnstone and Angela K. Best and Monica S Lee and Kevin Barr and Silvia Penuela and Dale W Laird and Brant E Isakson},
  journal={Journal of vascular research},
  volume={49 5},
AIMS Pannexins (Panx) form ATP release channels and it has been proposed that they play an important role in the regulation of vascular tone. However, distribution of Panx across the arterial vasculature is not documented. METHODS We tested antibodies against Panx1, Panx2 and Panx3 on human embryonic kidney cells (which do not endogenously express Panx proteins) transfected with plasmids encoding each Panx isoform and Panx1(-/-) mice. Each of the Panx antibodies was found to be specific and… CONTINUE READING