Expression of p53 in a malignant melanoma of a goat.

  title={Expression of p53 in a malignant melanoma of a goat.},
  author={Florian Hansmann and V. David Johann Gottfried Herder and Alexandra von Altrock and Reinhard Duehlmeier and Peter Wohlsein},
  journal={Berliner und Munchener tierarztliche Wochenschrift},
  volume={123 3-4},
A six-year-old brown haired goat was presented due to recurring tissue growth at the base of the right horn. The tumour recurred after repeated surgical excision and the animal was finally euthanized because of poor prognosis. Necropsy revealed a malignant, partly amelanotic melanoma originating from the right horn base with metastases in both frontal sinuses, urinary bladder, pleura, pericardium, second thoracic vertebra, kidney and mesenteric lymph nodes. Diagnosis was confirmed by… CONTINUE READING