Expression of macrophage‐selective markers in human and rodent adipocytes

  title={Expression of macrophage‐selective markers in human and rodent adipocytes},
  author={Wael Khazen and Jean-Pierre M'bika and C. Tomkiewicz and C. Benelli and C. Chany and A. Achour and C. Forest},
  journal={FEBS Letters},
  • Wael Khazen, Jean-Pierre M'bika, +4 authors C. Forest
  • Published 2005
  • Biology, Medicine
  • FEBS Letters
  • CD14, CD68 and/or mouse F4/80 or human epidermal growth factor module‐containing mucin‐like receptor 1 (EMR1) are widely used as macrophage‐specific markers. Since macrophages infiltrate several tissues during inflammatory processes, CD14, CD68 and EMR1‐F4/80 have been employed to discriminate between tissue‐containing macrophages, like adipose tissue (AT), and other cells. Using real‐time PCR experiments, we show that isolated adipocytes from humans and mice AT express high levels of CD14 and… CONTINUE READING
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