Expression of lectin binding in oral submucous fibrosis.

  title={Expression of lectin binding in oral submucous fibrosis.},
  author={Valappil T Beena and Sukumaran Anil and Prathapan Remani and Thangavelu Vijayakumar},
  journal={Indian journal of dental research : official publication of Indian Society for Dental Research},
  volume={9 3},
Lectins are a group of specific glycoproteins present in cells, particularly cell membrane. Recently, lectin binding studies have been used as a diagnostic as well as prognostic indicator of neoplasm's. Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is a potential premalignant condition predominantly seen in Indian subcontinent. A comparison of expression of lectin binding was studied in normal tissue, OSMF cases and oral squamous cell carcinoma. The OSMF cases were grouped into early and advanced conditions… CONTINUE READING

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