Expression of hexokinase II and Glut-1 in untreated human breast cancer.

  title={Expression of hexokinase II and Glut-1 in untreated human breast cancer.},
  author={Raya S. Brown and Tonya M Goodman and Kenneth R. Zasadny and Joel K. Greenson and Richard L. Wahl},
  journal={Nuclear medicine and biology},
  volume={29 4},
Expressions of HKII and Glut-1 were studied in untreated primary human breast cancers by immunohistochemistry. 79% of the breast cancers were HKII-positive and 61% were Glut-1-positive. Average positive malignant cell areas were 66 +/- 41% for HKII and 29 +/- 36% for Glut-1. HKII staining was cytoplasmic, suggesting mitochondrial localization with no variations in staining intensities. Glut-1 staining was heterogeneous, cytoplasmic and membranous and varied with histology and tumor stage. Cells… CONTINUE READING
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