Expression of granzyme A in human polymorphonuclear neutrophils.

  title={Expression of granzyme A in human polymorphonuclear neutrophils.},
  author={Kathrin Hochegger and Philipp Eller and Julia M. Huber and David Bernhard and Gert Mayer and Gerhard J Zlabinger and Alexander R. Rosenkranz},
  volume={121 2},
Polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) are the first line of defence against invading pathogens. They contain a multitude of antimicrobial and potentially cytotoxic substances packed in granules and secretory vesicles. Here, we show that granzyme A (GzmA) is constitutively expressed in human PMNs, but not in the promyelocytic cell line HL-60, by performing… CONTINUE READING