Expression of glucoamylase gene usingSUC2 promoter inSaccharomyces cerevisiae

  title={Expression of glucoamylase gene usingSUC2 promoter inSaccharomyces cerevisiae},
  author={Hyung Joon Cha and Y. J. Yoo and Jin Yyun Ahn and Hyen Sam Kang},
  journal={Biotechnology Letters},
The cloning of glucoamylase geneSTA using theSUC2 promoter intoSaccharomyces cerevisiae was performed. The signal sequence ofSTA gene was used for the secretion of glucoamylase protein. The plasmid constructed in this way was named YEpSUCSTA and its expression was identified. The expression of YEpSUCSTA was repressed in the presence of glucose in growth medium, but derepressed when glucose became depleted. YEpSUCSTA showed the similar efficiency of glucoamylase secretion as YEpSTA-F which has… CONTINUE READING

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