Expression of beta-catenin in human tooth germ.

  title={Expression of beta-catenin in human tooth germ.},
  author={Lorenzo Lo Muzio and Lucio Lo Russo and Giuseppe Pannone and Angela Santoro and Rosalia Leonardi and Rosario Serpico and Alberto Gasparoni and Pantaleo Bufo},
  journal={Analytical and quantitative cytology and histology},
  volume={31 5},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate beta-catenin expression in human tooth germ development. STUDY DESIGN Specimens of 7 human fetuses aged between the ninth and sixteenth week were examined for beta-catenin expression by immunohistochemistry. RESULTS In the bud stage, we observed catenin membranous positivity for all primitive dental lamina and dental ridge cells, cytoplasmic positivity for tooth bud and intense nuclear positivity for early-condensed dental mesenchyme. The cap stage was marked by… CONTINUE READING