Expression of affects in Embodied Conversational Agents

  title={Expression of affects in Embodied Conversational Agents},
  author={Sylwia Julia Hyniewska and Radoslaw Niewiadomski and Maurizio Mancini and Catherine Pelachaud and T{\'e}l{\'e}com ParisTech},
Providing the virtual agents with expressive facult ies is a contemporary challenge. The generated emotional behaviour for Embodied Conversa tional Agents (ECAs) particularly has to be credible and varied. Cowell and Stanney (2005 ) showed that well chosen behaviours and emotional expressions improve the credibility of an agent. Behaviour expressivity can be conveyed through: the choice of the nonverbal signa ls and their realisation. Some researchers argue that creating an “internal s tate… CONTINUE READING