Expression of a novel splice variant of human mGluR1 in the cerebellum

  title={Expression of a novel splice variant of human mGluR1 in the cerebellum},
  author={A. Makoff and T. Phillips and C. Pilling and P. Emson},
WE have isolated clones of a novel splice variant of metabotropic glutamate receptor type 1 (mGluR1) from a human cerebellum cDNA library. Translation of this variant, mGluR1g would result in the addition of just one amino acid after the exon/intron boundary where the other splice variants diverge. RNA dot blot analysis using an mGluR1g-specific probe demonstrated expression in the cerebellum and also high levels in the kidney. Northern blotting using the same probe showed expression of a 4 κB… Expand
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Faull for the human brain tissue, Mr H. Spence for oligonucleotide synthesis, Mr M. Oxer and Mr I. Allen for DNA sequencing. This work was supported in part by an MRC/Glaxo
  • Neuron 14,
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