Expression of S100B during embryonic development of the mouse cerebellum

  title={Expression of S100B during embryonic development of the mouse cerebellum},
  author={Sabira Hachem and Anne-Sophie Laurenson and J P Hugnot and Catherine Legraverend},
  journal={BMC Developmental Biology},
  pages={17 - 17}
In the cerebellum of newborn S100B-EGFP mice, we had previously noted the presence of a large population of S100B-expressing cells, which we assumed to be immature Bergmann glial cells. In the present study, we have drawn on this observation to establish the precise spatio-temporal pattern of S100B gene expression in the embryonic cerebellum. From E12.5 until E17.5, S100B was expressed in the primary radial glial scaffold involved in Purkinje progenitor exit from the ventricular zone and in the… CONTINUE READING

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