Expression of OX40 in muscles of polymyositis and granulomatous myopathy

  title={Expression of OX40 in muscles of polymyositis and granulomatous myopathy},
  author={Maki Tateyama and Kazuo Fujihara and Naoto Ishii and Kazuo Sugamura and Y. Itoyama},
  journal={Journal of the Neurological Sciences},
OX40 is selectively expressed on activated autoreactive memory T cells and these OX40+ lymphocytes may play a crucial role in autoimmune diseases. To determine whether OX40+ lymphocytes are involved in the pathomechanism of human inflammatory muscle diseases, we immunohistochemically examined the distribution of OX40+ cells in muscles from patients with polymyositis and granulomatous myopathy, and compared with that of cells bearing other activation markers, such as IL-2 receptor (IL-2R) and… CONTINUE READING

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