Expression of NIBP and its clinical significance in human early colorectal cancer


Aim: To investigate the expression of NIBP and its clinical significance in early colorectal cancer. Patients and Methods: With immunohistochemistry, the expression of NIBP was detected in 23 patients of early colorectal cancer tissues, 102 patients of invasive colorectal cancer tissues, 32 patients of adenoma and 20 patients of normal tissues. The relationship between NIBP expression and clinicopathological characteristic of colorectal cancer were also analyzed. Result: We found that the positive rates of NIBP was higher in early colorectal cancer tissues (82.6%, 19/23) than those in adenomas and normal tissues (x2=29.07, P<0.05), but not significant than those in invasive colorectal cancer (x2=1.79, P>0.05). Positivity for T1N0M0, T2N0M0, II, III and IV was 82.6% (19/23), 80.0% (4/5), 78.0% (32/41), 63.6% (21/33), 56.5% (13/23), respectively. With the increase in TNM stage, the positive rate of NIBP decreased, the positive rate of T1N0M0 is highest than other TNM stages, but no statistically significant (P>0.05). Conclusion: These results suggested that NIBP is highly expressed in human early colorectal cancer tissues. NIBP might involve in the tumorigenesis and probably serve as a new marker for human early colorectal cancer.

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