Expression of MUC5AC in colorectal carcinoma and relationship with prognosis.

  title={Expression of MUC5AC in colorectal carcinoma and relationship with prognosis.},
  author={Belma Kocer and Atilla Soran and Sibel Erdoğan and M. Arif Karabeyoglu and Osman Yildirim and Abdullah Eroglu and Bet{\"u}l Bozkurt and Omer Cengiz},
  journal={Pathology international},
  volume={52 7},
Overexpression and alterations in the glycosylation of gastric mucins have been described in colorectal carcinoma. The purpose of our study was to confirm aberrant expression of MUC5AC in colorectal carcinoma, to investigate relationships between clinicopathological parameters and MUC5AC expression, and to determine if MUC5AC expression may be a prognostic factor for colorectal carcinoma. Immunohistochemical staining using an antibody against MUC5AC tandem repeat epitopes was performed on… CONTINUE READING
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