Expression of METH-1 and METH-2 in pancreatic cancer.

  title={Expression of METH-1 and METH-2 in pancreatic cancer.},
  author={Toshihiko Masui and Ryo Hosotani and Shoichiro Tsuji and Yoshiharu Miyamoto and Seiichi Yasuda and Jun Ida and Sanae Nakajima and Michiya Kawaguchi and Hiroaki Kobayashi and Masayuki Koizumi and Eiji Toyoda and Sidhartha Singh Tulachan and Shigeki Arii and Ryosuke Doi and Masayuki Imamura},
  journal={Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research},
  volume={7 11},
PURPOSE METH-1/hADAMTS-1 and METH-2/hADAMTS-8 are recently identified genes that inhibit angiogenesis, and the murine homologue, ADAMTS-1, shows metalloproteinase function. Because the significance of METH-1 and METH-2 has not been determined in solid tumors, we examined the mRNA expressions of these molecules in pancreatic cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN METH-1 and METH-2 mRNA expressions were identified in six pancreatic cancer cell lines and were quantified… CONTINUE READING
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