Expression of Hugl-1 is strongly reduced in malignant melanoma

  title={Expression of Hugl-1 is strongly reduced in malignant melanoma},
  author={Silke Kuphal and Susanne Wallner and Carl Christoph Schimanski and Frauke Bataille and Peter Hofer and Susanne Strand and Dennis Strand and Anja Katrin Bosserhoff},
The human gene Hugl-1 (Llgl/Lgl1) has significant homology to the Drosophila tumor suppressor gene lethal(2)giant larvae (lgl). The lgl gene codes for a cortical cytoskeleton protein, Lgl, that is involved in maintaining cell polarity and epithelial integrity. We speculate that Hugl-1 might play a role in epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT) and that loss of Hugl-1 expression plays a role in the development or progression of malignant melanoma. Thus, we evaluated melanoma cell lines and… CONTINUE READING