Expression of Hel-N1 and Hel-N2 in small-cell lung carcinoma.


Hel-N1 and HuD are neuron-specific RNA-binding proteins that are antigenic targets of anti-Hu antibodies. Although expression of Hu antigens is most commonly seen in small-cell lung carcinoma, their exact identity (e.g., Hel-NI, Hel-N2, HuD, and HuC cannot be distinguished by immunological methods. Analysis of messenger RNA expression is needed for this distinction. Here we demonstrate that Hel-NI and Hel-N2 are expressed in small-cell lung carcinoma using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction.

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@article{King1996ExpressionOH, title={Expression of Hel-N1 and Hel-N2 in small-cell lung carcinoma.}, author={Peter H King and Edward J. Dropcho}, journal={Annals of neurology}, year={1996}, volume={39 5}, pages={679-81} }