Expression of Granulocyte Colony‐Stimulating Factor by Human Cell Lines

  title={Expression of Granulocyte Colony‐Stimulating Factor by Human Cell Lines},
  author={J. Devlin and P. Devlin and K. Myambo and M. Lilly and T. Rado and M. Warren},
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We have isolated and expressed a cDNA clone that encodes a human granulocyte colony‐stimulating factor from the MIA PaCa‐2 cell line. A genomic clone of this factor has been isolated from the CHU‐2 cell line and is reported to encode two alternative transcripts [The EMBO J. 5,575, 1986]; one transcript predicts an amino acid sequence identical to that predicted by our MIA PaCa‐2 cDNA clone; the other transcript predicts a similar protein containing a three amino acid residue insertion. To… Expand
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Immunological and functional differences between human type I and II colony-stimulating factors.