Expression of GDNF and GFRα1 in mouse taste bud cells

  title={Expression of GDNF and GFRα1 in mouse taste bud cells},
  author={Masako Takeda and Yuhko Suzuki and Nobuko Obara and Nobuhiko Uchida and Kentaro Kawakoshi},
GDNF (glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor) affects the survival and maintenance of central and peripheral neurons. Using an immunocytochemical method, we examined whether the taste bud cells in the circumvallate papillae of normal mice expressed GDNF and its GFRα1 receptor. Using double immunostaining for either of them and NCAM, PGP 9.5, or α-gustducin, we additionally sought to determine what type of taste bud cells expressed GDNF or GFRα1, because NCAM is reported to be expressed in… CONTINUE READING