Expression of Filaggrin in Normal and Keratinized Conjunctiva

  title={Expression of Filaggrin in Normal and Keratinized Conjunctiva},
  author={Anne Sofie Kragegaard Lund and Steffen Heegaard and Jan Ulrik Prause and Peter Bjerre Toft and Lone Skov},
  booktitle={The open ophthalmology journal},
PURPOSE We wanted to investigate filaggrin expression in normal conjunctiva and in conjunctiva exposed to different degrees of mechanical stress. Mechanical stress results in parakeratinization of the conjunctiva. If filaggrin is expressed in the milder forms of parakeratinization, it might be used as a sensitive marker of mechanical stress. METHODS Immunohistochemical staining using antibodies to filaggrin was performed on paraffin sections of normal human conjunctiva, and on conjunctiva… CONTINUE READING