Expression of Eph A4, Eph B2 and Eph B4 Receptors in AML

  title={Expression of Eph A4, Eph B2 and Eph B4 Receptors in AML},
  author={Tomasz P. Wrobel and Joanna Pogrzeba and Ewa Stefanko and Marcin W{\'o}jtowicz and Bożena Jaźwiec and Justyna Dzietczenia and Grzegorz Mazur and Kazimierz Kuliczkowski},
  journal={Pathology & Oncology Research},
Eph receptors represent the largest subfamily of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs). The up- regulation of Eph receptors has been documented in various solid tumors, where it often correlates with poor prognosis. Their significance in hematologic malignancies is still unclear. This study aimed to investigate the expression of Eph A4, Eph B2, and Eph B4 mRNA in non - M3 AML patients and determine their prognostic significance. Bone marrow samples from 101 newly diagnosed non - M3 AML patients and… CONTINUE READING
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